Commercial Plant Nutrition and Care Solutions services cover everything you need from commercial greenhouse design and setup to landscaping and maintenance requirements. We have many years of wisdom and experience serving commercial operations in the horticultural industry and a wide network of experts and suppliers that enables us to serve all your commercial growing needs. Whether you need assistance planning your layout and setup, or need to set up a purchase order schedule for your nutrients and consumables, our gardening experts are happy assist you and help you. If you have any questions, one of our in-house gardening experts are always happy to help and share gardening guidance and assistance via phone, email, or in-person at one of our locations.

Commercial Operations

Commercial crops and greenhouses

As a commercial growing operation or commercial gardener, you may need support or assistance in a number of areas, from sourcing gardening products and greenhouse planning, to crop protection and harvesting equipment. We offer multiple commercial gardening services for many types of commercial gardening operations.

Landscaping Companies

Landscapers and yard designers

Your clients lawns and gardens require lots of maintenance and products for you to service them. Make quick work of fall clean-ups and spring setups with great deals on leaf shredders, commercial grade blowers, and nutrient rich additives. Protect their shrubs and bushes from harsh cold weather and animal visitors with burlap fabric, and overlays. We offer an excellent selection of organic, affordable, earth-friendly products to meet the landscaping and lawn care needs of your clients.

Education and Government

Schools and municipalities

Many schools and cities are starting small scale block-sized gardens and beautification projects for students and citizens to participate in. We have everything you need to start your municipal gardens with everything from affordable lighting, 1-2-3 seedstarting kits, foolproof composters, heavy-duty grow bags, gardening educational materials and more. Our gardening products will help you provide hands-on learning experiences about the gardening world and have an extremely positive impact in your particular community.

Pricing and Availability

Special pricing for volume and projects

If you need special pricing terms or pallets of gardening products to support your commercial endeavors, we make everything simple and convenient. We also offer commercial gardeing design services that include everything from greenhouse design and layout, crop planning, and much more. Simply call us or email us and let us know what you need, and we will make special arrangements for your commercial gardening operations.