One of the leading local businesses in the Inland Northwest since 2006, our founder and owner Paul Mihara is persistently dedicated to providing the highest quality service, products, and expertise to ensure everyone has a healthy bountiful garden regardless of size.

We stock an incredible selection of products for every type of gardening operation, including unique soils, lighting systems, organic nutrients, and hydroponic equipment of all sizes. You can also find a wide range of ventilation systems, environmental control systems, and pest controls.  We cater to every size growing operation from tiny backyard gardens to large scale commercial growing operations.

Our warehouses are staffed with exceptionally experienced and knowledgeable growing enthusiasts. Their experience ranges from traditional garden expertise to modern hydroponics culture. Our in-house experts know the challenges of both indoor and outdoor year-round gardening and strive to help everyone have the highest potential gardens and harvests.

Whether it is a starter operation or a mad scientist greenhouse, you will find a plethora of products and knowledge at Spokane Organics garden center warehouses and stores. Come on in and see how we can help your garden operations grow!


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