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- Improves transition between different metabolic stages in plant physiology
- Improves quality and end product by increasing fibers, resins and sugars
- Improves yield by stimulating more bud sites, particularly along the sides of main shoots
- Stimulates production of phytohormones, vitamins, and other important natural bio-stimulants
- 100% Organic
- Use through the fruiting & flowering stages of growth
- Increased flower sets, larger harvests
- Increased aroma of end products
- 100% organic

Directions for use: use at the rate of 4 to 8 mlper 5 gallon increasing every week from week 2 of flowering onwards until week 8 for increased effect, you may use it at the rate of 1 mlper 2.5L. Ensure your active ppm allows for this increased dosage before implementing.