True Leaf Sprout Micro-Mat

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    - Fits 20" x 10" growing trays
    - Biodegradable
    - Fully compostable
    - Perfect for Hydroponic growing
    - Produced from sustainably harvested wood
    - Ideal for microgreens, microherbs, pea shoots, wheatgrass, barley grass, & more
    - Free from plastic and synthetic fibers
    - Pathogen-free
    - High water holding capacity
    - Product approved for use in organic systems
    - Made from sustainable harvested wood fiber
    - 100% fully compostable
    - Fit easily into 20" x 10" trays

    **SPECIAL NOTE** Micro-Mats are cut to fit 20” x 10” growing trays. Because Micro-Mats expand when absorbing water, the pads are cut smaller than the interior dimensions of the trays. This is normal. When placing the mat in the tray, center the mat so it expands evenly toward the edges. If the mat doesn’t not expand all the way to the edges this is okay. Generally seeds off the edge will still sprout their roots will knit into the root mat formed by the growing seedlings.

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