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Get more nutrients out of your soil and into your plants. Recharge gives you all the benefits of an Organic Compost Tea, with none of the mess. Mix it with water, pour it on your plants. Use it once-a-week. It's that easy. Recharge has: Mycorrhizae, for bigger roots and bigger fruits. . Kelp, for faster growing plants with less effort. Molasses, to feed and super charge the other microbes in Recharge. L-Aminos, for stronger, healthier, more resilient plants, and fruits with more flavors. Humic and Fulvic Acids to make sure all the nutrients in your soil are more plant available. Recharge acts as a secondary digestive system for your plants, breaking down nutrients in the soil, and making them easier for your plants to absorb. If you want strong plants that produce flavorful fruits and beautiful flowers, you need to be growing with Recharge. Mix one half teaspoon per gallon of water, and pour it on your plants, once a week.

- All-in-one, natural growth stimulant
- Proprietary living soil microbe package
- Intended to be used as a soil amendment
- Establish colonies of beneficial bacteria in horticultural systems

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