Heavy 16 Roots

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    Heavy 16 Roots is a multi-function additive that acts as a root protector, root promoter, antiprecipitate, and drop cleaner all in one. Heavy Roots root promoting function increases root branching and the overall absorption zone (root hairs) of your roots. This allows your plants to take in even more nutrients and water, increasing your plant's rate of development. Promoting root health also increases disease and stress resistance.

    Additionally, Heavy 16 Roots includes pathogen suppressing nutrients to maintain root health, increase fungal pathogen and insect resistance, and disinfect unhealthy root material. The drip cleaning properties of Heavy 16 Roots prevents lockout from poor water or base nutrients. At the same time, it also prevents salt buildup on your grow room equipment. When used with pure filtered water, Heavy Roots allows for a whole new level of availability, plus the ability to mix nutrients that normally would precipitate and fall out of solution.

    Directions for use: Add Heavy Roots first to your reservoir at 1mL per gallon, followed by your normal additive and nutrient regimen. Derived From: Ammonium Nitrate and Potassium Polyphosphate.