Advanced Nutrients Kushie Kush

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    - Maximizes yields and optimizes flower potency
    - Specifically designed to give more potency and weight
    - Compatible with all hydroponics, sphagnum and soil growing mediums
    - Easy to use with quick results

    Advanced Nutrients Kushie Kush is the only bloom booster specifically designed to produce increased potency, value and weight from your Kush plants. This special formulation will work exceptionally with all major sup-varieties of Kush. Extensive testing from the Advanced Nutrient team was performed using this formula which contains the exact ingredients that your Kush plants needs to produce larger, more medicinal yields.

    Kushie Kush is a special fattening additive that gives your plants a more intense aroma as well as higher yields and bigger buds, specifically Kush plants. It contains all nutrients needed during the flowering period, especially for Kush plants which are already high yielding – get ready for more intense aromas and flavors.

    Advanced Nutrients has developed this product specifically for strains that come from the Hindu Kush mountains and hybrids made with Kush genes. Their scientists have meticulously gone over how these plants work in order to create a product that makes the absolute most out of them without risking over-feeding.
    With Kushie Kush you can increase the value of your yield quite a lot. It contains the exact proportions of nutrients that Kush plants need during the first 6 weeks of flowering – get ready for professional results.